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Meet Sarah

Hi, I am Sarah your  facial expert for women who are going through the ageing process. My expertise in skin and facial rejuvenation has led me to teach women in aesthetics and facial hydration and online courses in beauty.

As a qualified beautician, one of your top priorities is the safety and wellbeing of your clients. We teach safety from the minute you join one of our courses because safety in the workplace also applies to you.

Why take a course with Sarah?

We aim to help as many women as we can to reach their full potential with our beauty and FACIAL REJUVENATION training. This is our mission!

Sarah’s skills in trauma and anxiety coaching have led her to teach and help those who are apprehensive. This has helped many ladies reach their full potential in their beauty career.

Prior to your training date, Sarah will let you know what to expect of the course or treatment you desire. You will be guided fully by her with a consultation .

In the training

  • You will be taught 1-1 or in a group, whichever you prefer.
  • We offer mobile training for those who are extremely anxious or have no transport. We cover all your needs.
  • The practical will run until you are completely confident and Sarah is happy to sign to you off. You will then be certified.
  • Support will be provided always, as we believe in helping you.

Once you have passed your accredited course, you can look forward to building your career as a BOSS in BEAUTY.

For more information please contact the BOSS team via the link below today.

Did you know?


We teach those with learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, ADHD, anxieties. We even teach live online remotely prior to the practical. This is so your journey is easy.

The word EXAM scares us as it’s been conditioned since school that exams will determine the rest of our lives. But … life skills and healthier ways to learn skills are far more beneficial to your career path.

As I too have anxiety and social issues when it comes to learning new skills, I researched my issues and have developed many ways to help you and have worked out the best format to learn beauty courses. When you take a course with BIIB, you will become a life-long learner… not just a one-day wonder.

Have a great day.

To find out more just contact us.

Our most popular courses!


Profhilo Diploma Training

This new, exciting Profhilo training course is for aesthetic practitioners already offering dermal filler treatments. Learn how to safely and effectively administer Profhilo to stimulate the body’s natural elastin and collagen production. Containing one of the highest concentrations of HA on the market (64 mg / 2 ml), it not only boosts and hydrates the skin, but also remodels ageing and sagging tissue.

Accredited certificate

Skin Booster Diploma

This course is ideal for therapists that would like to start an aesthetics career.

Doctors and nurses or Level 3 training.

This injection treatment delivers nourishing substances to the skin whereupon cell repair and growth occurs.

Vitamins, amino acids, and hyaluronic acid are all essential for the skin and can be administered using Jalupro or Hmw Jalupro.

Accredited certificate

PDO Mono & Cog Thread Training

Our PDO Thread Lift Training course is designed for advanced aesthetic doctors, dentists and nurses OR advanced therapists looking to learn one of the most advanced non-surgical procedures in today’s UK aesthetics market. We provide a comprehensive training programme combining essential anatomical knowledge and key practical skills on live models provided by Cosmetic Courses, using N-Finder Threads.

Accredited certificate

In-Person Courses

Online courses

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What to Expect

  • Show Up 15min prior to the start time
  • All equipment is provided
  • Highly experienced trainer with 30+ years’ experience
  • All courses are accredited
  • Certificate on completion
  • All my cosmetic training  will be carried out in our licensed CQC*  training studio in Guildford.

We will train on specific dates every month. If you are keen to learn advanced or beginners cosmetics.

Certain prerequisites may be required for courses. Please contact us for further information.

* The role of the CQC (Care Quality Commission) as an independent regulator is to register health and adult social care service providers in England and to check, through inspection and ongoing monitoring, that standards are being met.


One-to-one or in-person coaching

We know that everyone is different when it comes to learning and sometimes you will absorb more if you work at your own pace. Likewise, you might prefer to train as part of a group, sharing the experience of developing your business and building your skills.


Absolute beginners welcome!

Training with Sarah will give you a fantastic foundation on which to build your beauty skills. Sarah gives clear, hands-on instruction with additional video tutorials and tips as part of the BOSS it in BEAUTY membership. 

Online courses

Our online courses are perfect for those with busy lives who would like additional training as beauticians and also for those starting their career from scratch. Each course comes with a comprehensive manual and a quiz to test your knowledge. Some courses include video tutorials to help you and, of course, Sarah is always available to offer advice and support throughout your course.

Safety is our top priority

As a qualified beautician, one of your top priorities is the safety and wellbeing of your clients. We teach safety from the minute you join one of our courses because safety in the workplace also applies to you. 


Sarah, you are honestly amazing!

“Sooo bloody happy!!! My skin feels amazing and my makeup goes on so much nicer. And given me such a confidence boost! How good are these results after just 8 days! Sarah, you are honestly amazing!”

Loads of information... Practical is brilliant...

“I have done two courses (brows, lash lift and now gel manicure) with Sarah and I can say Sarah is amazing. Loads of information, theory you can do in your own time as it's all online. Practical is brilliant as Sarah is so understanding and is wanting you to succeed. Thanks again, next stop Facials xx”

Thank you, Sarah, for another informative course

“I came in a bag of nerves and left confident. You are amazing. Thank you for today.”

Meet Your Trainer

Sarah Hunt

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Guildford, Surrey, UK