Are you ready to step out of the role of being a ‘mum’ to become a ‘Boss’ in Beauty?


Passion is such an overused word, but I am so passionate about helping you!

So, lets do just that. Have you been toying with the idea of starting your own business for so long it seems like a distant dream… a ‘ what could have been’? Never have enough time to even think, let alone do, as parenting has taken over your whole life…?

I know how hard it is to juggle life and work, but there comes a time when your kids are growing up and you are lost, not sure what to do with all that time you had for your babies.

Now it’s your turn to make decisions for yourself. It’s time to start a career now that you feel you need a purpose and an added income to buy those shoes you longed for when your children were growing up!

SO, is it time to buy those shoes along with your new career in beauty?

I have started a membership TO HELP YOU GAIN ACCREDITED SKILLS in your new beauty career to help you make money for new shoes amongst other things!  I do not like to brag but with 27 years’ experience in the beauty industry, I can give you what you need to be successful in your beauty business: my past mistakes can be your life lessons. WINNER!!!

My membership offers you an easy anxious-free space where you can learn in your own time with in-depth courses that help you build your business with ease and accountability, ensuring you make a huge impact in this wonderful world of beauty.


  • live weekly beauty training (accredited)
  • accountability course
  • Q & A
  • members community or VIP exclusive passes
  • mentorship
  • lots more


Sarah Hunt

Company Director/Lead Trainer

Mentor in Beauty

Level 4 VcTc Skin Therapist

With over a decades’ worth of experience in the industry, Sarah has a vast amount of experience in beauty and business set-up.

Sarah uses a modern approach to help women become fearless in their beauty career.

With her expertise in facial rejuvenation, her skills and abilities to tailor each treatment for each individual client has set her above the rest. She works with leading companies to use natural products for longer results.

Sarah’s talents have encouraged women to reach their full potential and confidence with her mindset coaching and mentoring in health and beauty.

Award winner of 2022 Beautician of the Year.

Over 28 years’ experience.

Sarah will support you with her extensive NLP and CBT skills to lead you to your destination in your beauty career.

Boss your business with our NON MEDIC SUPPORTERS membership that will give you all the tools to be a success.

Sarah has received training via: VCTC, OFQUAL, CIBTAC, PROQUAL.



Guildford, Surrey, UK