Do You Feel Like Sh*t?

by | Oct 10, 2022

💫I’ve been up a lot in the night lately with headaches, very uncomfortable sleeps, hot sweats, aches and pains… weirdly…

💫I’ve taken my own advice to stop and evaluate what’s going on… I’ve rebelled!

🏋️Before, when I was training and in the ZONE lol:

💤I slept like a baby, felt strong and never felt poorly (not once, I think, in 5 years).

🏋️After giving up the gym and reducing my food, and protein, I have felt utter shite internally. Yes, I feel fabulous mentally, but physically inside. I am falling apart.

🍔The only reason I can possibly think this is, is food – I’ve not been good since stopping my plan. I’ve drunk less water, consumed less protein and had more sugar!

🤦‍♀️I feel I have more aches than ever before just walking up the stairs, hot sweats, spots, my rosacea is back and I have headaches that are stopping me in my tracks.

🤦‍♀️I have been sporadic with my supplements, food intake and generally have been eating ice cream daily.

🤦‍♀️I think I have rebelled, but my bodies response to that has been a utter negative.

🧚‍♀️So, what have I learnt:

⭐️We have to keep up the good food, even if we are not training. There is no way the body loves digesting crap, as much as we love eating it… or do we? Or is it just a habit or rebellious behaviour?

💫So introduce goodness back… quickly, lol.

💦We have to drink water or we die, it’s as simple as that.

⭐️We have to have protein, a lot of it, as it builds cellular life and keeps us strong – so 105g day is so important. (The gremlin or the chimp was definitely in charge of my brain this last 3 weeks.) Don’t listen to it – also read the chimp paradox.

🏋️Go to a group class or get some swimming in, or a walk with friends… I think it helps your mental health. Do something extra like body pump or something every week to mix with other humans. I loved the interaction part of exercise classes. Don’t be alone too often (like me). It’s not healthy all the time, girls need to talk about makeup and stuff… or their weight, lol.

🥬Eat to your calorie deficit and try not to go over or under because you will feel like sh*t. I know it’s a bore, but write it down as you’ll then know how crap some foods are.

💊Take your supplements! Without them, you will feel like sh*t… honestly. Plus, take them every day. Don’t take them sporadically and then say they don’t work! We all have said that… give it time. Be consistent.

Sleep time 💤

📲Turn that bloody phone off at bedtime! That includes…TikTok.

💫Take a magnesium pill.

📴Use the Breethe app – it’s great – but don’t use the hypnosis ones at night, as the presenter wakes you up afterwards and then you’re in trouble! You lay there free from anxiety, but wide awake!

💧5HTP drops are ace. Not sure why, but they are. They’re a placebo, probably, but who cares. It works, right?

Keep your bedroom cool with a good, cold fan and/or make sure you keep the window open, or you’ll feel like sh*t. You will burn up like a marshmallow in a roaring fire.

✋Stop thinking about stuff that has happened.

✋Stop thinking about the stuff that hasn’t been.

✋Stop worrying about shite (like a bag that you lost 20 years ago, or have I turned the cooker off?)

🍶If you need to drink alcohol, drink gin with lots of tonic because it’s better than wine and at least you’re having a water intake 💦 (I didn’t say that, the chimp did.)

⭐️So, as long as you’re hitting your goals, the treats are a must (but only if you have ignited your engine (body) enough to deal with the added naughties). Make sure your body is running smoothly.

❤️I think that’s all today.

😁Back to the dullness of eating well and feeling fabulous for me. What a chore (lol).

🔜Take a step back and look at your lifestyle – it may be the reason you feel like crap too 🙂

💤Thank me later – after I get some god damn sleep 💤

👋Who’s feeling crappy right now?

I wonder why…?