Facial Rejuvenation Studio

Welcome to the Facial Rejuvenation Studio

Here you will be asked to book a full facial consultation in the link below.

Sarah specialises in treating women over 40 to regain their confidence and youthful glow.

We use only CE-approved  top quality products that give you a natural glow inside and out.

  • Advanced face-lifting
  • Hydration treatments
  • Collagen boosting therapy
  • Aesthetics and eight-point face contouring

You are in safe hands working with Sarah, a highly trained, award-winning clinician.

You will feel at ease.

  • Payment plans
  • Loans
  • Buy-now-pay-later
  • Memberships are available to you
  • Gift vouchers are available


Private clinic bookings:

Welcome to our private clinic for facial rejuvenation treatments. If you have any questions that you would like to ask Sarah about treatments, please get in touch via the contact form below or email Sarah on info@bossitinbeauty.com.

Guildford and Farncombe, Surrey, UK
Mobile service also available


Opening hours:

Hours: 8am – 1pm
Days: Monday – Friday

Afternoon or evening clinics, please contact Sarah on 0747347752.


Guildford, Surrey, UK